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I want to express my gratitude to you for your help through this site. I've been making more progress than ever with my songs, and being able work with other people who like creating songs keeps me perpetually motivated."

Tracy Chatman

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Got lyrics but no music for it? Got nice music theme but no lyrics that fit? Or want to get musicians and songwriters to team up with you for a certain project?

Then this website is the place for you!

Here we can write songs together even if we are oceans apart. You can post your lyrics and music, finished or not, and have other songwriters help complete your song. All genres are welcome.

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How does it work?

1. Browse Songwriters Database or Collaboration Lyrics Directory
2. You find lyrics you like or a songwriter whose interests match yours
3. You Join SongWritingFever.com
4. You contact him/her via the website's private messaging system

OR...you can do it this way:

1. You Join SongWritingFever.com
2. Upload you lyrics and/or music on your SongWritingFever Profile
3. Wait for someone to find your creations and contact you
4. Post a collaboration request on our forums and link to your profile and lyrics

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Songwriters Database

Songwriters Database is a directory that lists songwriters interested in songwriting collaboration. It is the first truly international songwriters directory with songwriters from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Egypt, Romania, Italy, Nigeria, Australia, Ukraine..etc. Our goal is to cross all geographical boundaries and make it possible for songwriters from all over the world to write songs together without actually having to meet.

Songwriters are categorized by their Preferred Genres and their Songwriting Skills. Contact information for every songwriter is available on his/her profile together with short biographies and samples of lyrics or music they have written.

As Songwriters Database continues to grow, it becomes the most inclusive and convenient place to find the perfect songwriting collaborator.
Collaboration Lyrics Directory

Collaboration Lyrics Directory is a directory for lyrics written by independent lyricists and songwriters. Our goal is to get songwriters from all over the world to read each others' work, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Lyricists stuck with writer's block can publish their unfinished lyrics to find a suitable co-writer or publish their finished lyrics to find an interested composer. Composers, musicians and lyricists can also browse or search the directory for unfinished lyrics which they can help finish or write music to.

Browse Lyrics Directory - Submit your Lyrics
Songwriting Collaboration Forums

SongWriting Collaboration Forum was created to help SongWriting Fever members communicate easily and come up with even more creative ideas. The forums include an Introductions forum as well as forums for General Songwriting and Songwriting Collaboration discussions.

The most interesting section though is the Collaboration Request forum through which you can post your unfinished projects and reuest help from other members. We hope that SongWriting Collaboration Forum will continue to grow with more sections, ideas and posts for our website members.

Songwriting Collaboration Forum is free for anyone to visit and read the posts, but posting requires website membership. Joining SongWritingFever.com is FREE, easy and with no obligations. Click here to join.
About SongWriting Fever

ONLINE Songwriting Collaboration!?!

SongWritingFever.com always had one goal: to allow songwriters from all over the world to collaborate together and write songs regardless of their locations, nationalities, religions or whatever elses that divides people. We proved that it was indeed possible..!

When it was created in 2008, SongWritingFever.com was the first website to be dedicated to long-distance, online songwriting collaboration. Now with its community of over 2100 songwriters, SongWritingFever.com has been the birth place of many amazing songs and songwriting projects. You can read one of the stories here, just as an example.

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