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So You Wrote Some Lyrics-Page 3

Where to publish your lyrics?!!

Note that the ultimate goal behind publishing your lyrics is to get other musicians and songwriters to read it and write music to it. So, it makes sense to publish your lyrics on the websites that other songwriters usually visit. Always remember that your lyrics are not poetry, so although poetry websites and forums might not do you any good getting musicians to see your lyrics and read them. Look for songwriting oriented strategies to market your lyrics...that's where musicians and other songwriters hang out!!

I have compiled this short list of places and strategies in the hope that it helps you find the right music collaborator...

Songwriting Forums

There are lots of songwriting forums out there...only COLLABORATION forums might be useful. For example, there is which gives you a chance to connect with other songwriters, musicians and lyricists, but you have to pay a subscription fee to be a member. Among free collaboration forums, Writing Fever forum is very useful (especially for online collaboration), also the collaboration forum of and are of excellent quality.

When you join a forum, post your work and get to know other members. Always remember to be specific about what you want so that other members can understand you and approach you in the right way.

Songwriting Classified Ads

It's always a good idea to post an Ad, and see what the wind will bring. Try, and websites offer classifieds posting for free and are very popular.

Now you have to be smart writing your ad, make it short, specific and be clear on what you want from your collaborator. Try to put a link to the place where you publish your lyrics. It's always useful if others have an idea of your style before actually contacting you.

Lyrics Directories

There are lyrics directories that list lyrics of famous singers and bands, those are useless to us. You need to find a lyrics directory for INDEPENDENT LYRICISTS. Writing Fever Lyrics Directory is free, with no censorship and offers very fast submission process. When you submit your lyrics to lyrics directories, submit correct contact information so that songwriters who read your lyrics can contact you later and ask to collaborate with you.

Remember to be patient with these directories since you will probably not get instant response to your lyrics. Lyrics directories increase the chances that your work will be read over a long period of time, while with forums you will usually have your lyrics read over the period of 2 days from your posting date at best...Forums are very dynamic, lyrics directories aren't.

Your Own Web page

Having your own web page can be a great way to have presence and be known. It can also add to your credibility as a songwriter. You can always have yourself a profile at or although these websites are more helpful for bands and artists who want to showcase their ALREADY COMPLETE songs to some AUDIENCE, which is not our case.

The best way to go is to have your own independent website. It will offer you more freedom on the way you present your work to your collaborators and will be very powerful helping you manage your collaborator search the way you want. Try if you want free hosting and very little technical stuff to handle. For very cheap domain names try or Yahoo! Small Business.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty at all with technical web stuff contact me at and I will design you a website for FREE...I just love to help ;)

Finally, I'd like to stress on the fact that one strategy of the four strategies above will not cut it alone. Combine all strategies together when you search for collaboration, that way you can be sure you will have a strong presence as a lyricist and be able to find the collaborator you are looking for.

In P4 we will discuss the qualities you should look for in a musician before you start collaborating with him/her...

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