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Copyrights, Licenses and Songs - P.3

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Why Share?

This is an important question. Why share your songs, lyrics, compositions or even ideas with other people? Other people may be not so good people and decide to "steal" your creations and call them their own. This is the fundamental risk. And truth be told, once you share your song with even one person, there is nothing that you can do that we will assure you that your songs will not get stolen (more about that in P.4). So why bother sharing in the first place? The answer is simple:

Your songs, lyrics and compositions will do you or anybody else no good at all if you kept it locked safely in a drawer. Yes, it will keep your songs safe. But it will also keep them useless. The promise of art is that it can change people, give people hope and spread new ideas and thoughts (big words!), therefore you have to share your compositions with people. The more obvious reason for sharing your songs is that you get more exposure; the more people who see your songs, the more likely you will find interested collaborators, songwriters, artists, producers, bands, singers...etc. The more you share, the more opportunities you will have and the more fun you will have.

The important thing is to keep an open mind. Anyone can take your work and claim its his/hers but that does not give them any merit. Keep an open mind and think more about getting new people and opportunities your way more than thinking about how to protect your work. There are some things that you can do to help ensure your work is safe even when you shaer (more in P.4).

Share Where?

Ok so now that you are open to sharing your work, the question becomes where to share it. This page is not intended to give you insider look on submitting to publishers and so forth but a look on some (not all) basic exposure methods:

- Submit you songs to publishers, send them by email to other songwriters or bands who you think are interesting..famous or not. But of course, the less famous the more chance of getting a response.

- Make a profile on MySpace

- Make a profile on :)

- Send your songs to local radio stations and internet radio stations that allow this sort of thing

- Share them on Facebook and other Social Networks

An important thing when you share is to share wisely, which we will discuss in P.4.

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Important: This is not legal advise. is not liable to any consequence resulting from decisions you make based on what is written above. We strongly advise to consult a lawyer.