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Dear Author,

SongWriting Articles Directory at aims at providing our visitors and members with informative, no-nosense articles that would be relevant to them as songwriters, lyricists or musicians. To make sure that all the articles meet that standard, I decided to take a different approach than the usual approach other article directories take. I decided that ONLY INVITED AUTHORS will be allowed to publish their article on Authors will enjoy a lot of benefits including getting featured on the website homepage, promotion in website newsletter sent to members every month as well as freedom in how their articles look and what content appears alongside their articles.

To apply for an invitation, please email me at contact[at]songwritingfever[dot]com and include the following information:

  • Email Subject: Author Invitation Request

  • Your Name and Country

  • Your Website (in case you have any)

  • A short paragraph about your experience as a songwriter

  • Topics you will mostly write about

  • An article that you wrote before or a link to such article

Please note that we only accept articles in ENGLISH for the time being!

All the best,
Mahmoud Ibrahim - Creator