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About Directory

For Musicians and Songwriters

"Songwriting & Music Links Directory" is your number one resource on the web.

Here, you can simply search the information you want and then browse through the different related websites that we will come up with. Each link has a very accurate description and a couple of keywords below it, so you can know where that link will take you to.

"Songwriting & Music Links Directory" is not deep, meaning that we don't have lots of sub-categories...We know that would prbably confuse you, Instead we only have main categories. And in order to keep our links well-classified we will keep adding more categories as needed.

We hope that "Songwriting & Music Links Directory" is useful and helpful for you :)

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For Webmasters

"Songwriting & Music Links Directory" offers FREE website submission for music-related and songwriting-related websites only.

Nothing more to say takes you NO TIME to submit your link, NO MONEY and NO EFFORT.

Submit as many URLs as you want (even if they belong to the same domain), provided that they offer DIFFERENT content.

Have Fun...

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