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Songwriting & Music Links Directory

Songwriting & Music Links Directory has been CLOSED. We don't have plans to put the directory online again anytime soon.

Links directories have become kind of obsolete as users rarely browse them besides becoming a haven for the ill-mannered webmasters spamming the directory. Our sobgwriting links directory has clearly failed to serve its purpose which is being a comprehensive resource for our visitors lookign for music and/or songwriting information.

There are no plans to put up a new link directory, however we are trying to think of other concepts that would achieve that purpose effectively. Primiraly, we are thinking may be a community driven system of some kind should do the job. If you know a solution with such properties or have an idea that would help or want to get involved yourself, don't hesitate to contact us.

Updates will be complete no later than: Unknown, we haven't yet arrived at a satisfactory concept.

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