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  • Feature Article --- A Personal Referral

    There are literally tons of music sites out there --- some are quite informative while others simply waste your time. As I was surfing the net (a while back), I came across a site which just blew me away!

    It offered over 60 free online piano lessons, resources, and even a 300-pg Piano Course for students who are serious about learning to play the piano by ear. As I began reading about the 300-pg Piano Course, I was truly amazed at all the topics covered in this course. It covered beginning techniques, music theory, chords, progressions, improvisation, and more! Believe me... these are just some of the concepts in the course. To tell you the truth --- I can't even remember all of topics covered because there are so many.

    At this point, I knew I had to contact the author about setting up some type of deal for my website visitors. I have good news --- I was able to get an unbeatable deal to offer my visitors this course at more than 50% off retail price (it's amazing what "asking" can do).

    I personally recommend "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300-pg Course and through my relationship with Jermaine (the author of this course), I've been able to get him to throw in a few bonus items (3 additional piano software programs). He has taught literally thousands of musicians how to play the piano by ear. I don't know how long he can allow me to offer my visitors this amazing bargain, but if you are serious about learning to play the piano by ear, I wouldn't pass up this opportunity. Click here to learn the secrets to playing absolutely any song on the piano in virtually minutes or visit his website:


    I highly recommend it.

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