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Want a FREE WEBSITE to Showcase Your Work?

As a songwriter (newbie or experienced), you most certainly need an outlet for your work on the internet in order to promote yourself, make new songwriting partners, land record deals or just brag to your friends about how cool your new website is ;)

Whatever your reasons are, your website should of course be professional-looking, reflects your songwriting style and the essence of your lyrics or music. And of course, since you want to save all your money for upgrading your gear or buying new expensive vintage tyres for your car, your website should be hosted for FREE, designed and developed for FREE and updated for FREE.

If you think this is possible, then you certainly are very optimistic regarding the sharks and whales of the Internet bussiness. And you should be, since it IS possible...Actually, itself was hosted for free by until very recently (Many thanks to AwardSpace for such a great service).

I have listed below the different ways you can have a professional website for free without getting your hands dirty with coding, designing...etc.

First Option ('s Full Free Package):
You can register at and then you will have a free space on the web, readily available free templates to choose from and a lot of webtools (guestbooks, polls, forums...etc.) to add to your website with just one click (yes, one click!). In short, it's a very fast process (you can have your website running in 10 minutes or so), a very easy process (no knowledge of web design needed and no effort whatsoever in setting up anything...Bravenet did all the dirty work for you!) and it will give you a fairly great looking website that is very flexible, convenient and of course FREE :)

The only drawback is the banner Bravenet will put on top of your page and the little ads saying "Powered by Bravenet" they keep putting in your way. But given all what they give you in return, this is one hell of a deal...You really should try this, especially if you have no or limited experience in webhosting

Click here to register at and get your free website...Remember to choose the FREE package ;)

Other options will be detailed when I have more time to write about it...Have fun with your new website :)