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GuitarAlliance.com is a comprehensive members only training program in the best and most effective popular techniques, styles, fundamentals and progressive topics for the guitar. When I joined GuitarAlliance.com I found that I landed on a Gold Mine.

GuitarAlliance.com offers its members access to training and tutoring in all the important areas of guitar musicianship including:

* Scales: You'll quickly master all of your important scale patterns and be able to play them anywhere on the guitar with ease. If you've been looking for an easy way to learn your scales, you've found it!

* Chords: Throw your chord encyclopedias away! You don't need them any more. We'll show you how to master chords the easy way. You'll be able to play all the important chord patterns for the guitar and know how to play them anywhere on the neck.

* Arpeggios: Learn what guitar arpeggios are and learn how to play them on your guitar. Use of arpeggios can turn your guitar lead from "average" to "wow".

* Complete Basics Guide: If you've a total beginner we've got the right tools to get you started right. You'll advance much quicker than you ever thought possible. We will lead your way step-by-step.

* Playing by Ear: You'll discover ways to develop relative pitch and show you how to apply it to learning songs by ear.

* Improvisation: Learn the "trick" to improvising. You'll be able to accompany any song on the fly with great rhythm or lead phrases. You'll never get lost on the guitar's fretboard during a song again.

* Songwriting Techniques: Discover the secret to writing great chord progressions and melodys. Imagine yourself as a prolific songwriter! It's easier than you think.

* Increased Finger Speed: Wouldn't you love to be able to play as fast as you wanted. Wouldn't it be great if your hands never got tired. Use our exercises and improve your speed and endurance.

* Licks and Phrases Of The Greats: Learn to play in the styles of all your favorite guitar players including Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and many more!

* How To Create Your Own Personal Style: This is the site's primary focus. It's our belief that everyone has their own unique style within them waiting to get out. Let up help you to discover what you're made of!

I highly recommend GuitarAlliance.com if you are serious about improving your guitar playing. Out of my own personal experience trying lots of website, ebooks and courses, I can tell you that GuitarAlliance is definitely THE BEST. Then again, how can it not be the best when Kenny Mann (The extraordinary guitarist behing GuitarAlliance) is fully committed to improving his students...That guy seemed really eager to answer all my emails and posts on his students-exclusive forum. I know it for a fact that Kenny Mann's ONE ON ONE HELP is the real deal....

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THERE IS MORE!! Kenny decided to throw an incredible bonus item: "Riff-O-Matic" which is the internet based learning program that can teach you how to play hundreds of songs, riffs, and licks on the guitar just like the pros. Riff-O-Matic achieves this through tablature, video, audio, diagrams, pictures, and easy to follow instructions presented in our exclusive "members only" web site.