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Lyricist - All the tools a songwriter could ever want in one software!

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Lyric and Lead Sheet writing with ease.

Write your lyrics and chord based lead sheets easier, faster and better - and handily keep your songs and related files nicely organized from now on!

Grab hold of your lyrics and lead sheet writing with an elegant and affordable program that systematizes songwriting from lyrics to lead sheets.

You can now take your writing process from loose papers and scrap notes into a smartly designed program that puts all the essential tools at your fingertips and has a built in link system to handily and quickly link into any other programs you use in your writing process.

Ten BIG Reasons To Hire This Program Right Now!

  • Click here for a LARGER image.Add More Might To What You Write With Lyricist's Onscreen Rhyming Dictionary - Songs can rise and fall on good rhymes and rhyme schemes.

    With Lyricist's 11,000+ entries, including slang, you'll have a wide assortment of choices to give your song a more original edge and give it the potential to be even more dramatic and more emotional.

    With its focussed rhyme set it synergizes with the rhyming dictionary already in your head - the majority of it's word associations are perfect rhymes.

    To get extended or near rhymes just pick a like sounding word and run Lyricist's Rhymer.

    For example, if you want to rhyme the word "time," click on Lyricist's Rhymer button and gets lots of perfect rhymes: Lime; slime, climb, dime, etc., and then to get a near or soft rhyme you could try the word "pie." Type in "pie" and then hit the Rhymer again and and get cry, defy, die, drive-by, and 50 + other near rhymes

    You can easily find just the right rhyme and may even come upon a word that adds layers of meaning to your original idea.

    And since it's frequently used - the Rhymer button is one of the BIG buttons along Lyricist's top tool bar for quick clicking.

    And whether you're on a desktop or laptop you save not having to lumber with a tomb of a rhyming dictionary on your lap.

  • Click here for a LARGER image.Stretch Your Originality And Get The Meaning You're After With Just The Right Word - Using Lyricist's Handy Thesaurus - You can deepen your point or your song's twist with just the right word.

    There are literally thousands of words to choose from and having a thesaurus handy puts all the pertinent choices right a your fingertips aiding and stimulating your creative flow.

    Again, whether you're sitting at a desktop computer or lounging with your laptop you'll save not having to lumber with a tomb of a thesaurus in your lap :)

    And like the Rhymer button above - the Thesaurus button is one of the BIG buttons along Lyricist's top tool bar for fast reference.
  • Click here for a LARGER image.Quickly Catch And Jot Down Notes And Information About Your Song In The Song Folder You're Working On - No longer lose a clever lyric idea or chord change, you might want to try in your chorus, again.

    The Song Notes feature provides you a handy window to write down any and everything you may want to note about your song.

    Use the Song Note screen to note your brainstorm ideas or your co-writer's information and you could even use it to keep track of all of the pitch opportunities you're contemplating or have sent your song out to.

  • Enjoy Guitar And Piano-Keyboard Chord Style Charting Abilities - Lyricist makes it easy to enter either guitar chord symbols (fret finger board charts - guitar glyphs) and or standard chord symbols for guitar and piano-keyboard or other instruments along with your lyrics. Or create chords only charts separately.

    Lyricist makes it fast to prepare your songs in today's standard chord based lead sheets.

    Chord based lead sheets are typical musical shorthand song representations that today's songwriters use. This approach is based on chord guitar and chord piano or chord style methods.

    It's shorthand because it saves you from writing out your musical arrangement in standard musical notation format.

    Chord style lead sheets are akin to the format you'll find in music fake books. With chord style lead sheets you often can get your entire song on one page of paper. Obviously one advantage is that this is much less cumbersome than multiple pages of sheet music.

    Also with chord style arrangements you can switch between piano-keyboard chords, guitar chords or the Nashville Numbers System (more on this next up).

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  • Click here for a LARGER image.Readily Prepare Your Songs' Chord Progressions With The Nashville Numbers System - Lyricist's Nashville Number System support enables you to quickly convert your chord charts and arrangements from any standard key into the Nashville Numbers format making it easy for players to transcribe the song into any key - on the fly!

    The Nashville Number System is quite often used in producing country song demos particularly in Nashville.

    Nashville Numbers allow musicians to easily play in one key or another usually depending on the best key for the singer without having to rewrite your chord charts.

    Easily add an extra chord chart of your song with the Nashville Number System when you're sending your song off to a Nashville demo studio or going there yourself to demo it.

    And note that good musicians anywhere can interpret a Nashville Number chart so it can be useful in many situations.

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  • Click here for a LARGER image.Easily Transpose Your Songs To Any Other Key - The Song Transposition feature allows you to quickly and easily transpose your songs between musical keys and also back and forth between Piano and Guitar style chord charts and even into the Nashville Numbers System!

    When you want to change the chords of your song to another key and you want the chords of the new key to appear (verses just numbers like with the Nashville Number System) simply use this feature.

    This helps to prepare your song in any key you need quickly and writes in the new chords for you.

    Real handy when your singer calls at the last minute and wants to sing in F and your song is in C.

    A great alternative when the Nashville Number System is not familiar to your musicians or singers.

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  • Click here for a LARGER image.Fly Your Files Across Town Or Around The World With The Media File Launch - If you have an MP3, WAV, MIDI, or RA file of the song you're working on, even a rough mix, or even a scanned file of the song's copyright form, or any file that relates to your song - link the file to the song and launch the file with one click.

    It's mailed out through your
    email program in an instant.

    Here's how it works - Lyricist opens the file using your computer's default program for that file type.  No need to switch to Explorer or your Desktop to find that file and then go through the process of opening it.  Just click and go.

    Share your songs quickly via the Internet. Indeed, more and more song demos are being accepted over the Internet verses having to send a cd through the mail. As Yogi Berra might have said, "The future is here."

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  • Click here for a LARGER image.Keep It All Organized With The Four Different Song Views - Lyricist features four different ways to view your work. 

    The Song Lyrics view is the basic lyric writing and editing window.  Chord Charting lets you add guitar chord symbols and or standard chord symbols for piano or other instruments to your lyrics.  Also switch into the Nashville Arrange when needed. And the Song Arrange view lets you view your chord progressions without the lyrics.

    All views contain the basic tool bar with the rhyming dictionary button, thesaurus button, etc. across the top of the screen for quick access and usage.

    You'll readily stay organized with all the items you'll need to write your song, to prepare your song for a demo session or for playing your song live. Or simply for your own reference particularly to practice or record your song at your own leisure.

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  • Click here for a LARGER image.Create First Rate Professional Looking Lyric And Lead Sheets Or Run Off And Write In Color And Crazy Fonts And Stimulate Your Creativity With Programmable Text Styles - Lyricist is loaded with Style buttons for Title, Copyright, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, and even user-defined Styles.

    For example simply select your Title text and click the Title Style button and it saves the text style you created from then on.

    All this makes it easy to create a consistent, professional look and saves time as you can quickly format the layout and look of all your new songs afterward. Change it around anytime you want.

    Or anytime go crazy with color and font styles as you write but if you send out your lyric or lead sheet - black and white with standard, readable fonts like verdana or Times New Roman are usually easier to read :)

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  • Official Software Site For Copyrighting.File Your Copyright Immediately Online 24/7- Lyricist's Online File Copyright feature takes you to the website of Official Software, where you can copyright your Songs.

    When you need or want to copyright your songs quickly you can process an application immediately online, anytime of the day or night, by simply completing the step-by-step online forms.

    Your copyright is processed directly with the US copyright office which ends up protecting your work not only in the US but in 70 countries and growing around the world.

    Also, as a Lyricist user enjoy up to 20% savings on any Official online or software product to protect your music, lyrics, CDs, and other original works.

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