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HearandPlay.com is managed by Jermaine Griggs who is a 22-year old piano extraordinaire, entrepreneur, and minister. Jermaine has taught thousands of people how to play the piano by ear. I was able to contact Jermaine and get visitors of songwritingfever.com who buy Jermaine's course THREE BONUS additional software programs that can help get the best out of your piano playing. However, Jermaine may terminate the offer at any time, so Grab your copy NOW! (Just follow that link to get your bonus items).

For those who would like a more specific piano learning course, Jermaine Griggs offers some Gospel and Praise Piano courses like:

- Gospel Keys 101: Basics and Fundamentals
- Gospel Keys 202: Mastering Worship Chords
- Gospel Keys 300: Exploring Praise Songs

There Is More!! Whether you buy any of Jermaine courses or not, DO NOT MISS OUT ON HIS EXTREMELY HELPFUL AND FREE INTERACTIVE MUSIC COMMUNITY...There are a lot of lessons there, very helpful forums, free software, free audio and video clips and so much more - Join now for FREE!