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Terms of Service

---Start of TERMS OF SERVICE---

- This agreement identifies THE WEBSITE as any webpage that falls under the domain name of SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM, THE USERS as anyone who visits the website including those who register and login, OTHERS as any other third-party.

- THE USERS are to use THE WEBSITE for communicating and collaborating with each other in order to create music, lyrics, songs and other forms of art. THE USERS are not allowed to use THE WEBSITE for any other purpose. The USERS are responsible for observing the respective laws, including copyright laws, in their respective areas of residence or home countries as applicable.

- THE USERS are allowed to upload user content which includes any comments, messages, lyrics, music, songs, forum posts and any other user-generated content and referred to hereafter as USER CONTENT. THE WEBSITE is not responsible for any USER CONTENT and THE USERS are responsible for ensuring that they hold the appropriate copyright permissions to upload USER CONTENT to THE WEBSITE. THE WEBSITE is not responsible for any copyright infringement done by THE USERS or any other damage incurred due to USER CONTENT.

- THE USERS must respect each other and refrain from inappropriate conduct including insluting or intimidating each other and including uploading USER CONTENT that is in any way racist, abusive, insulting or violent. Uploading any such content can result in THE USER's removal from THE WEBSITE.

- THE WEBSITE does not charge THE USERS money for any of its services. THE WEBSITE is not responsible for the products or services or websites advertised on its pages.

- THE USERS who registered to the website can opt-out by emailing

- THE WEBSITE provides all its services in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE WEBSITE is not responsible or liable for any damages incurred by THE USERS while or due to using THE WEBSITE.

- All legal disputes with THE WEBSITE will be brought up to the courts of Cairo in the Arab Republic of Egypt and according to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM's TERMS OF SERVICE.


If we decide to change SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM's TERMS OF SERVICE, we will post those changes on this page, and update the TERMS OF SERVICE modification date below.


Contacting us

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