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SongWriting Fever Story

The Idea

Online Songwriting Collaboration, ha!?!! That's one crazy idea...But hey, everybody has dreams and that's my dream....

I first thought of long-distance, online songwriting collaboration when I got stuck with writing lyrics...I can write music very well but my lyrics SUCK big time! My friends haven't the motivation to help as they got different styles in writing and my bandmates couldn't reslove my writer's block: I had to look for collaborators elsewhere!! And where else but the great big Internet...

The Start

I was already a member in some songwriting Yahoo! groups, so I posted my projects and asked for help...Well, no one helped. So I thought I've got to look for groups that are dedicated to songwriting collaboration, but there weren't any as well..."What the hell?! I'm gonna set up my own group!", I thought. And "Writing Fever Yahoo! Group" was born...Some very kind people joined and there was some work done but the truth is that the group didn't really amount to something and I thought I have to get more members on board, but how?!

A website! It certainly means more exposure and more fun - And that was SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM (that's where you at right now) and it's been online since February 2006. SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM allowed me to implement a lot of ideas I thought were helpful for online songwriting collaboration like "I Songwrite!! Webring", "Writing Fever Independent Lyrics Directory", a Songwriting Collaboration FAQs and more...And I'm still trying to make it helpful and nice for all those who are new to songwriting and want some help or those who just think songwriting collaboration is fun :D


Since then, a lot of much bigger websites implemented the idea on their forums and some other websites were built for songwriting collaboration, except those would charge songwriters for their services. I can do that, but I'm dedicated to the idea and I am committed to keeping it free for my fellow songwriters and musicians...It's not fair to charge money! Instead, to support the website and keep it running, I put some Google Ads and some other ads about products that might also help SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM visitors...

Help Out?

You are very welcome to help...You can buy products from SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM sponsors, you can promote the website or the idea of songwriting collaboration or if you got PHP or graphics experience, you can contact me (I need some computer geek on board :D)


You can read more about the website updates and news on the News and Updates page and you can read more about me on my MySpace profile....Hope you like the website and find it useful!

Have fun and God bless,
Mahmoud Ibrahim - SONGWRITINGFEVER.COM Owner
3rd of May, 2007