Important Announcement: will be shutting down all user-interactive pages effective as of Saturday 13 September 2014. We are very sorry about this. We will be working very hard to bring it back as soon as we can in a much better shape than it is now. What this means is that you will not be able to submit or view lyrics, upload or download songs, view other members profiles, sign up or sign in, or post to the forum. Again, we are terribly sorry about this and we hope that we can bring all those functions and more back soon.

SongWriting Fever Will Switch Hosts

02 August 2011

Hello Everyone, is moving to a new host very soon...During the move, you may experience some issues with some functions of the website.

There may also be a very brief period during which you will not be able to login or post to the forum...etc. If this will happen, you will be informed at least 24 hours earlier.

The host move will most definitely happen before the 15th of August 2011.

The website has not started moving yet and this is just a "heads up" announcement. A follow up announcement will be issued when the website is moving.

Please subscribe to the SWF Official Blog or follow us on twitter to get the important updates.


Best Wishes, Mahmoud Ibrahim

Forum RSS Feeds

29 May 2011

Hi everyone,

as promised, each single forum category has now its own RSS feeds. This way, you can watch and follow the forum of your choice.

There are two ways to follow, either by email (delivered by feedburner) or by subscribe in your favorite RSS reader.

For example, if you want to get an email each time a new post on "Introduce Yourself" forum is posted, you need to do the following:

1- visit 2- Right below the "Introduce Yourself" forum description, you will find two links. 3- Click on the link that says "subscribe by email" 4- Enter you email on the next page (every thing from now on is handled by feedburner) 5- Check your email for an email from feedburner and click the link in that email to confirm your subscription


All the best, Mahmoud

Lyrics Critique Forum Introduced

15 April 2011


So I have finally added the "Lyrics Critique" forum to SWF forums...

This is cool because the posting system of this particular forum is integrated with the Lyrics Directory...

So in order to post lyrics on the lyrics critique forum, you need to do the following:

  • Visit
  • Fill out the form there to post your lyrics and click "Submit Lyrics"
  • On the next page, it should say "Lyrics added successfully" with a button underneath that says "Submit these lyrics to Lyrics Critique forum". Click that button.

Currently, this is available ONLY for newly submitted lyrics, and you can't do this for old lyrics....but this will change in due time!

By the way, this way of lyrics posting integration is also now available for "Songwriting Collaboration Request" forum.

The next step is to make music upload integrated with the forum the same way. And then to finally allow it for old lyrics and music through the editing function,

Enjoy and let me know if you have any comments or questions

All the best, Mahmoud

April and May Updates Plan

13 April 2011

Hi there,

As promised in the previous post, here is the plan for SongWriting Fever updates to come in the next 2 months.

Website Looks

- Wider layout (when to expect: already done) - Change in ads placements (when to expect: already done) - Some color changes to make everything easier on the eye (when to expect: before 30th of April) - A better more informative homepage (when to expect: before 15th of May)


- Adding a "special" recording forum (when to expect: already done but you can expect another "special" forum with a suprise topic sometime in May) - Forum integration with Lyrics and Music Directory (when to expect: before 30th of April) - Adding RSS feeds to all forums (when to expect: before 10th of May)

Songwriting Tips

- A new course on privacy and sharing creations over the internet (when to expect: before 30th of May)

Social Media

- More activity on our Twitter Page and Facebook Group and better integration with (when to expect: before 30th of May)

Have fun, Rock on and keep on writing those songs...

Best, Mahmoud

Updates to Come

15 March 2011

Hello everyone,

it's been a very, very...very long time since I posted something here on SongWriting Fever Blog. I was just observing and collecting feedback about how the website is running in order to decide on the next update plan.

It's very nice to know that we are now nearing 3000 members strong...YAAY :)

It's also extremely rewarding to hear from different members about how the website helped them become better songwriters and how it helped them write songs together with people they never met before, and how these songs are just wonderful !!

I have now an updates plan and a growth plan for this very cool website; there are short term updates which you should expect to be in place in 2 months max and I will be announcing them very soon. There are long term goals, which I hope to achieve before end of the year...I'm keeping those on the down low though for the moment.

Stay tuned :)

Best Wishes, Mahmoud

Music Upload System Bug

10 November 2010


So there was a bug with the music upload system when you delete a file. It didn't quite register on the site that you deleted the file.

This is now fixed and everything should work fine from now on.

All the best, Mahmoud

Upload your Music

16 October 2010 Everyone,

So I've been under the hood the past six weeks developing a solution for a feature that you've all been requesting:

Music Upload

Yes! you can now upload your music in mp3 or midi on your profile and also download and stream other members' music.

Click here to upload our music

Check out Collaboration Music Directory


Mahmoud Ibrahim

Forum Error!

08 September 2010


Some of you may have not been able to access SongWriting Fever Forums and our private messaging system yesterday. Instead the forum displayed some code error.

I apologize for any inconvenience. The error is now permanently fixed and you can now enjoy the forum and private messaging to the fullest!

All the best, Mahmoud

We Value Your Privacy!

04 September 2010

Very much so indeed...

I really do value the privacy of all the visitors and members of and although I was all the time abiding to best web practices as much as I can, I never really had a formal privacy policy up online...

Well, now I do! Our Privacy Policy is now online at this URL:

I really advise you to read it carefully so you can make an informed decision about your visits to - don't worry, nothing serious though :D

All the best, Mahmoud Ibrahim

Before RSS vs After RSS

02 September 2010

Hey there,

Before RSS feeds you had to visit every time you want to check if there is a new forum post or a blog post. Now, this information comes to you!

So this website was lacking RSS feeds for quite some time. As a first step, here's RSS feed for SongWriting Fever Blog and an aggregated RSS feed for our new songwriting forum: RSS Feeds

Both feeds are available as raw RSS and through feedburner. You can also subscribe to updates by email.

More RSS feeds to come later...not that much later, it's coming soon :)



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