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Got lyrics but no music for it? Got nice music theme but no lyrics that fit? Or want to get musicians and songwriters to team up with you for a certain project?

Then this website is the place for you!

Here we can write songs together even if we are oceans apart. You can post your lyrics and music, finished or not, and have other songwriters, musicians and composers help complete your song. All genres are welcome.

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District Zion (United States of America) - Sarah (United States of America) - Eitel Batet (United States of America) - Lina Cherr'abby (Morocco) - Franzisca (Germany) - Emma Felton (United Kingdom) - Philip Jones (United Kingdom) - Joshua Whitehead (United States of America) - Richard (United States of America) - K.Daniella (United States of America) - Giselle Solis (United States of America) - Jasmine Mitchell (United States of America) - Rehan Shah (Pakistan) - NINA (United States of America) - Marc (Switzerland) - Rapmogul2 (United States of America) - Sara Ashley (Switzerland) - Oleg Dvinskikh (Russia) - Bhupinder singh mundi (India) - Pavel (France) - Samuel Rock (Barbados) - Gb Beat (United States of America) - kelsey ebersbacher (Germany) - Angel Roberts (United States of America) - Lisa Roberts (United States of America) - Kellen Wiseman (United States of America) - bob zou (Canada) - Julia Vacek (United States of America) - Dimakos (Greece) - Roger Penkethman (United Kingdom) - More songwriters, musicians and composers to collaborate with in SongWriters Database!

New Lyrics & Songs

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