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Got lyrics but no music for it? Got nice music theme but no lyrics that fit? Or want to get musicians and songwriters to team up with you for a certain project?

Then this website is the place for you!

Here we can write songs together even if we are oceans apart. You can post your lyrics and music, finished or not, and have other songwriters, musicians and composers help complete your song. All genres are welcome.

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Richmond Pines (Phillipines) - Sucrepop (France) - Shunna (United States of America) - Matthew Hickman (United Kingdom) - Lucy Prasad (Australia) - Aleksandr Saltovskiy (Ukraine) - lervneie chenge (Kenya) - Joshua Whitehead (United States of America) - Jenna (United States of America) - Paige (United States of America) - Anthony Knight (United States of America) - Anthony McMath (United States of America) - JeNeil Miles (United States of America) - Sincere (United States of America) - Yung boss (Nigeria) - Yung ZEELEE MD (Nigeria) - Hans Tracy Lesperance (United States of America) - Bonzo (Egypt) - yahkiesha cooper (Jamaica) - Gdajackfox (India) - mia (India) - max salo (Sweden) - Emma Felton (United Kingdom) - Samuel Rock (Barbados) - sevenskiesmusic.com (United States of America) - fatin zul (Malaysia) - SiMusang (Malaysia) - Daora (United Kingdom) - DHRUV (India) - Roberta Paterson (Canada) - More songwriters, musicians and composers to collaborate with in SongWriters Database!

New Lyrics & Songs

She always drives me crazy (Any Genre) - Ecstasy Of Balcony (Rock) - Heart Without Love (Country) - Differently (Rap) - Sleeping With You (RnB) - what i think (Rock) - I Want (Rock) - That’s what lover’s do (Any Genre) - dark (Pop) - Nickleback:This is how you remind me (Any Genre) - In The Midnight Hour (Any Genre) - Hamba voetsek(prod.by ShakeZoneEntertainmnet) (Rap) - Doesn't Worry (Rock) - Who's That Girl (Pop) - alone (Country) - Dream (Any Genre) - Tear me down (Pop) - Red and Blue (Pop) - Gotta Get Back to My Baby (Rock) - Everybody Has Their Time (Country) - Till I reach the top (Pop) - Jewels (Indie) - The Other Guy (Blues) - Be by my side (Country) - Be by my side (Country) - worlds apart (Pop) - What Valentines just say (Pop) - Rain Drops (Pop) - Black Dress (Pop) - I've Decided (RnB) - Don't Judge Me (RnB) - Fairy Tale Love (Children's) - Come Back To Me (Pop) - Nobody (RnB) - Gone (Pop) - Cimmerian Sunrise [demo] (Art Music) - bermuda triangle (Rap) - mafia music 2_1 (Rap) - on the clock (Rap) - FRENCH MOON LOUNGE () - Train (Rock) - 10 000 MILES away (Rap) - I can't wait to see your face when you realize this is about you (Metal) - Paranoid (Rock) - Soul_Stray_new_Foxy (Rock) - Foxy_s_Way_Out (Rock) - ibiza (Techno) - Minor_Love (Blues) - Pink_Diamond (Rock) - Memories (Blues) - More Lyrics in Collaboration Lyrics Directory! - More Music in Collaboration Music Directory!

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